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  1. Introduction
  2. History
  3. Vision Statement
  4. Mission Statement
  5. Guiding Principles
  6. Quality Assurance
  7. Qualifications
  8. Facilities
  9. Fabrication Equipment
  10. Test Equipment
  11. Disaster Recovery
  12. Partial Experience/Customer List
  13. Certifications

I. Introduction

NEPSI is the leading world supplier of medium-voltage metal-enclosed capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks (See Attachment B for product literature). NEPSI's equipment is used by industrial, commercial, and utility power system owners and operators with voltages from 2.4kV through 38kV to correct power factor and improve power quality.

II. History

NEPSI was established and incorporated in February 1995 and has seen consistent and steady growth. NEPSI started private labeling its products and services in 1999 to several large equipment suppliers and manufacturers, including the General Electric Company. NEPSI acquired market share from existing competitors by providing better service, competitive pricing, higher value, and technical innovation. At the same time, NEPSI increased the size of the "metal-enclosed" market by introducing companies and specifying engineers to the economic advantages of using metal-enclosed equipment compared to conventional technology (elevated stack-rack equipment). Metal-enclosed equipment is the more economic choice, as this equipment is a pre-packaged totally engineered solution requiring less engineering, labor, maintenance, footprint area, and ultimately lower total cost of ownership.

NEPSI has increased its manufacturing capability several times since its inception in 1995. In 1999 NEPSI moved its home base from Albany, NY to a brand new site in Queensbury, NY. Over the next two years, NEPSI more than doubled its manufacturing area and became vertically integrated by adding metal fabrication equipment and a down-draft paint booth that allowed for even higher production capacity and control over the metal-enclosures, a key component to NEPSI's product offering. In 2011, meeting increasing demand for product and to accommodate larger complex filter systems, NEPSI expanded the Queensbury facility and again doubled its manufacturing capacity. Yet again in 2017, NEPSI began a plant expansion project... this time adding another 11,400 square feet to their Queensbury location. This expanion allowed NEPSI to continue their pursuit in meeting the high demand for large filter banks, while also providing a modern office suite for visiting customers and video conference calling with customers around the world.

NEPSI's product offering has evolved since its inception. Beginning with smaller systems and including low voltage power factor correction, NEPSI now offers a more focused product line of large medium-voltage metal-enclosed capacitor bank and harmonic filter systems. These larger systems require high reliability, integrated protection, control, and communication systems and are often applied in challenging environments and remote locations.

NEPSI's capacitor and harmonic filter bank control and protection systems have become increasingly sophisticated and are now offered with multiple automation and control strategies, architectures, and solutions for every application size and complexity. Our systems can be integrated with DCS systems applied on large complex and geographically distributed industrial processes, to smaller applications requiring simple PLC controllers. No matter how big or small, our control and protection systems are designed, built, and tailored to the requirements of every process and facility.

NEPSI continues to improve its products, processes, and operating systems to meet customer needs and enhance customer satisfaction, while meeting complex business specifications and maintaining a safe and responsible work environment. To this end, in 2012 NEPSI was certified to ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management systems. In 2018, NEPSI continued our pursuit of excellence by being certified to the updated version of the quality management standard, ISO 9001:2015.

In 2020, NEPSI was acquired by American Superconductor (AMSC), a leading supplier of STATCOM systems into the renewables and utilities industries. As an AMSC company, NEPSI will continue to provide the highest quality and most innovative reactive power solutions while now having access to additional, advanced power electronic technologies to better serve our customers’ needs as part of AMSC’s Gridtec Solutions reactive power suite.

III. Vision Statement

"To be the world's premier supplier of medium-voltage metal-enclosed capacitor banks and harmonic filter systems"

IV. Mission Statement

"Our mission is to be the preferred and most trusted name for the supply of medium-voltage metal-enclosed capacitor banks and harmonic filter system by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation, and exceptional service to our customers."

V. Our Guiding Principles

  1. Exceed customer expectations
  2. Treat our customers and suppliers with courtesy and respect
  3. Be a leader
  4. Participate and contribute
  5. Pursue excellence
  6. Work as a team
  7. Share knowledge
  8. Keep it simple
  9. Listen and communicate

VI. Quality Assurance

Our ISO 9001:2015-certified Quality Management System (QMS) ensures we deliver quality services and products to our customers. Externally audited each year and re-certified every three years, our QMS is the backbone of our operations as a company. It provides our staff with a comprehensive set of tools that allow us to more effectively and efficiently fulfill our mission.

NEPSI is committed to being an established and recognized leader in providing quality products and services to our customers. In pursuit of this goal, we will continuously improve our products, processes, and operating systems to enable us to meet customer needs and enhance customer satisfaction, at the same time meeting the needs of our business and maintaining a safe and responsible work environment. Each member of the NEPSI organization will apply his talent, both as an individual contributor and as part of our larger team, to support our quality effort.

VII. Qualifications

Since its inception in 1995, NEPSI has provided Metal-Enclosed Capacitor Banks and Harmonic Filter Banks and related engineering and support services to owners and operators of small and large industrial, commercial, and utility power systems. The owners and top level management of NEPSI have over 50 years of combined experience in the design, application, construction, testing, and commissioning of capacitor banks and harmonic filter systems. Our staff includes mechanial engineers, professional engineers with advanced degrees in Electric Power Engineering, as well as manufacturing engineers that specialize in quality.

Our electric power engineers and top level personnel have worked at major companies involved in the power industry including General Electric (GE), NY Power Pool, Power Technologies, Inc. (PTI), and Electric Power Consultants doing advanced power system analysis, measurement, application, and simulation for major industrials and utilities around the world. This experience in power engineering principles and simulation provides NEPSI with the background and analysis tools required for the application and design of large complex systems.

Our employees are qualified and trained in the assembly, fabrication, and testing of our equipment to industry-recognized standards including IEEE, ANSI, UL, CSA, and IEC standards. Our fabricators are equipped with state-of-the-art CNC fabrication and welding equipment and are routinely qualified and tested to industry standards. Our outgoing inspection, test, and commissioning technicians are trained and equipped with state-of-the-art test instruments to ensure our equipment meets applicable standards and are tested and ready for operation when they reach our customers' sites.

VIII. Facilities

Owner: Northeast Power Systems, LLC

Location: 66 Carey Road. Queensbury, NY 12804

Zoning: Light Industrial

Property Area: 5.8 Acres

Construction Type: Metal, Pre-engineered. 25,480 ft2 (includes office space)

IX. Fabrication Equipment

State of the art fabrication equipment includes:

  1. Down Draft Paint Booth with 10 Ton Lift
  2. Paint Waste Recycling System
  3. CNC Controlled Siena LVD Strippit Punch Press
  4. Cincinnati 12' CNC Hydraulic Press Break with CNC Back Guage
  5. Cincinatti 12' Mechanical Shear with CNC Back Guage
  6. Notchers, MIG and TIG welders
  7. Various manual controlled punch presses
  8. CNC controlled steel cutting saw
  9. C180 CNC Laser
  10. Summa DC4SX and other bus bar punches and benders.

X. Test Equipment

State of the art testing equipment includes:

  1. 300 kV Impulse Test System
  2. High Voltage Inc. VLF (Very Low Frequency), Hipot 0 to 50kV AC
  3. High Voltage Inc. VLF HiPot, 0 to 120kV AC
  4. High Voltage Inc. Portable DC HiPot/Megohmmeter, Hipot 0 to 75kV DC
  5. High Current Test Equipment for Thermal Testing Iron-Core Reactors (0 to 2000 amps, 60HZ)
  6. Tektronix TDS 3014b 100MHS DPO Transient Recorder
  7. Doble TDR100 Circuit Breaker Diagnostic Test Instrument
  8. Megger MIT515 Insulation Resistance Tester, 0 to 10kV DC (portable)
  9. Vitrek V4 AC/DC/IR/GB Hipot Electrical Safety Tester
  10. Hioki 9624-50 PQA – Hiview Pro Power Quality Analyzer
  11. Multi-Amp SR-90 Relay Test Set
  12. Sensorlink "Litewires" Fiber Optic Coupled Current and Voltage Sensors
  13. Megger DLRO (Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter) 200 Amp
  14. FLUKE Ti20 Thermal Imager
  15. Instek LCR Meter
  16. Megger TTR20 Transformer Polarity and Ratio Test Set (CT & PT)
  17. PowerMetrix PowerMaster 7335 Integrated Current and Voltage Source
  18. Behlman AC Current Supply, 0 to 50 amps, 1 Hz to 1000 Hz

XI. Disaster Recovery

NEPSI's maintains daily off-site and on-site backup of all critical data to ensure project information remains secure and available now and in the future.

XII. Partial Experience/Customer List

Nearly all of NEPSI's revenue is derived from the supply and service of medium-voltage metal-enclosed power capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks. This link provides a partial experience/customer list for products sold by NEPSI since 2000. NEPSI's customer base crosses all industries including utility, mining, chemical, wind, solar, petroleum, university, government, and general industrial applications.

NEPSI has designed and built for all environmental and climatic conditions. See our Google map for a partial listing of our equipment locations.

NEPSI has supplied equipment to various industries and climates, and has coordinated shipments around the globe. You can rest assured that we possess the right experience and expertise for your project.

XIII. Certifications


IEEE C37.20.3-2001/TUV Rheinland Certification
IEEE Standard - Standard for Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

For product shipping to locations within the United States, NEPSI is authorized by TUV Rheinland of North America to label capacitor banks and harmonic filter systems as compliant with the IEEE C37.20.3-2001 "Standard for Metal-Enclosed Switchgear" (see attached TUV certificates US 72131588). TUV Rheinland is an OSHA approved NRTL and has the authority through periodic inspection of our production facilities to allow NEPSI to apply the TUV label indicating our equipment is compliant with IEEE C37.20.3-2001.

This certification allows NEPSI to meet specification and local code requirements that require "Listing" or "labeling" per OSHA. This T-Mark directly replaces the UL mark and is should be acceptable to USA electrical inspectors requiring listed or labeled products.

Click to see attached certificate.

C22.2 No. 190-M1985/TUV Rheinland Certification
CSA Standard - Capacitors for Power Factor Correction

For product shipping to locations within Canada, NEPSI is authorized by TUV Rheinland of North America to label our capacitor and harmonic filter systems as compliant with C22.2 No. 190-M1985 "Capacitors for Power Factor Correction" (see attached TUV certificates US 72131588). TUV Rheinland is an SCC (Standards Council of Canada) approved NRTL and has the authority through periodic inspection of our production facilities, to allow NEPSI to apply the TUV label indicating our equipment is in compliant with IEEE C22.2 No. 190-M1985.

This certification allows NEPSI to meet specification and local code requirements that require "Listing" or "labeling" per Standards Concil of Canada (SCC). This T-Mark directly replaces the CSA mark and should be acceptable to Canadian electric inspectors requiring listed products.

Click to see attached certificate.

ANSI C57.16 – 1996
IEEE Standard for Requirements, Terminology, and Test Code for Dry-Type Air-Core Series Connected Capacitors

NEPSI's Iron-Core Harmonic Filter Reactors are third party tested by KEMA for withstand of dielectric tests in accordance with ANSI C57.16 – 2000 "IEEE Standard for Requirements, Terminology, and Test Code for Dry-Type Air-Core Series-Connected Reactors" to 150Kv BIL.

Click to see attached KEMA Report.

UL 508A and C-UL 508A
UL 508A Industrial Control Panels, File Number E200828

NEPSI is factory certified through periodic inspection by UL to apply UL and C-UL Labels on our control panels which form an integral part of the capacitor bank and harmonic filter system. UL's safety mark is the most credible, accepted, and sought after certification mark in North America.

Click to see attached certificate.

Seismic Certification
Uniform Building Code (UBC)- Seismic/Wind/Snow Certification

NEPSI has many capacitor bank and harmonic filter bank designs that have been Seismic Certified to Zone 4. In addition to seismic certification, wind and snow certifications, where applicable, have also been completed.

Click to see attached sample certificate.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO QMS (Quality Management System)

NEPSI's third party certification by TUV Rheinland, an internationally recognized accreditation body, to ISO 9001:2015 demonstrates our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement of our company's product and operations.

Click to see attached certificates.


In addition to the above certifications, our field and factory technicians as well as our assemblers and fabricators receive training and certifications from various organizations. Key certifications include:

FireTrace – Factory trained technician for the installation, maintenance and service of the complete firetrace product line.
[view this certificate]

Mine Safety and Health Administration – Safety program administered by the US Department of Labor allowing our field technicians to work on mine sites that require this safety program. [view this certificate]

American Welding Society (AWS) – NEPSI's fabricators are certified by AWS for welding. [view this certificate]

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