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Start-Up & Commissioning Services

Using NEPSI's Start-up and Commissioning Services is the best way to ensure faster, safer, and more efficient implementation of your NEPSI built metal-enclosed power capacitor banks, harmonic filter banks, and actiVAR products. Leave it to NEPSI, the company that knows the equipment.

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A Plan For Success

NEPSI’s Start-up & Commissioning Services provide the people and know how to ensure faster, safer, and more efficient installation and implementation of your medium-voltage metal-enclosed power capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks. With over 20 years of start-up and commissioning experience, NEPSI identifies issues before they become problems. Proper start-up and commissioning of our metalenclosed products and their associated control and protection systems is vital to their long-term health and operation. Improper installation and commissioning are the leading causes of premature failures, missoperation, and poor performance. With NEPSI’s Startup & Commissioning Services, you can be assured that your equipment has been installed properly and meets the factory standards for operation. Get the most out of your equipment, hire NEPSI.

Right From the Start...

NEPSI provides services during all key phases of your start-up operation:

  1. Receipt of equipment at site
  2. Pre-commissioning and installation checkout
  3. Start-up and live operation testing
  4. Operation and maintenance training
  5. Post-commissioning support

... With the Right People

  1. Experienced and Specialized
  2. Trained for Safety; MSHA, OSHA
  3. Routine Drug Testing
  4. Fully Insured

Key Elements of Start-up & Commissioning

NEPSI’s Start-up and Commissioning Services include some or all of the following:

Prior to Site Work

  1. Preparation of necessary documentation
  2. Preparation of start-up and shut-down procedures
  3. Contact with site contractors to ensure equipment is onsite and ready for commissioning


  1. Physical inspection of equipment for damage
  2. Inspection and verification of proper installation
  3. Verification of internal and external power, grounding, and control wiring
  4. Confirmation that equipment passes NEPSI’s factory tests


  1. Safe power-up of control panels, meters, and relays
  2. Verification of relay and meter function and accuracy
  3. Testing data communications to external devices
  4. Verification to equipment performance requirements
  5. Demonstration of safe and correct equipment operation


  1. Ongoing support and performance optimization
  2. Software changes to meet changing site requirements


  1. Site Observations
  2. Corrective actions taken
  3. Recommendations
    1. Required for operation
    2. Recommended but not required for operation
  4. NEPSI action items
  5. Customer action items
  6. Materials used
  7. Work Logs
  8. Installation checklist with exceptions listed
  9. Pre-commissioning checklist with exceptions listed
  10. Commissioning checklist with exceptions listed
  11. System Operating Parameters before and after equipment is put into operation
  12. Operation concerns

Get Started Today & Sustain Your Operation For the Future

For a quotation customized to meet your particular service needs, please contact NEPSI by email, or by phone (518) 792-4776. Once your metal-enclosed equipment is in operation, NEPSI offers a comprehensive range of services covering technical support, maintenance, upgrades, and continuing training for site personnel throughout the life of your system.

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