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NEPSI provides additional services and product support to supplement our expertise in original equipment manufacturing. These services span the entire purchasing procedure, starting at the design / study stage and go beyond maintaining your newly installed equipment.

Startup & Commissioning

NEPSI's expertise goes well beyond the production phase. Our fully-trained personell are fully equipped and ready to help you get your new equipment connected, properly set-up, and running efficiently. Our technicians have traveled across the globe, worked alongside customers from various backgrounds, and experienced every possible envirornment.

Maintenance & Repair

All of the components supplied within NEPSI Medium Voltage Metal-Enclosed Power Capacitor Banks, Harmonic Filter Banks, actiVAR, and Surge Protection products are available for purchase as spare or replacement parts. For more information regarding the validity of replacement parts, visit our warranty page. For additional information regarding our standard inspection / test plan, click here.

Harmonic & Filter Design Studies

Learn about system analysis performed by NEPSI in relation to the application of medium-voltage harmonic filter banks and capacitor banks. Specifically, the typical analysis performed by NEPSI in evaluating the possible system impacts related to the installation and switching of medium-voltage harmonic filter banks and shunt capacitor banks.

PQ Measurement

NEPSI's field service engineering staff can perform power system measurements at the low, medium, and high voltage levels. These measurements provide useful data for trouble shooting power quality problems relating to switching transients, harmonics, voltage regulation, and poor power factor.

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